Cokitos » First games for toddlers: pressing any key

First games for toddlers: pressing any key

There are almost 1000 games on the Cokitos website, and we see how often users are looking for the ideal game for toddlers (2 years old and 3 years old), their first games when they are babies. They look for games where you don’t need to coordinate a lot or have skills, but rather activate and react to any movement, or press any key.

We have three games that are ideal for babies or toddlers who still don’t have much coordination or skill. One of them is a game that reacts to the keys that are pressed. Another is a game that divides colored bubbles by moving the mouse, and the other is a game that by clicking on it, unique animals are formed with different animal parts.

Pressing any key

Moving the mouse

Clicking on the mouse

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