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Games to learn Telling the Time

The end of the year and the beginning of a new one means that we start thinking a little more than usual about time, time cycles, the school year, plans and year purposes…

This time is great at schools and homes to teach or review time-related concepts, i. e. hours, minutes and seconds. And to learn these concepts there is an essential object: the clock. Whether analogical or digital, in the world in which we live it is necessary to dominate this object with its variations. The world we live in is governed by time and scheduling…

To learn time and hours, we have some educational games that are interactive, for children to review these time concepts. As we always say in Cokitos, these games are perfect to accompany learning, not to take responsibility for it. We recommend that they be used as resources, accompanied by other techniques with children. Incorporate them into the didactic activity in a great technique, but for this it is necessary to test and analyze them beforehand, in order to give them a pedagogical meaning.

At what age do kids learn the time, hours and the clock?

At about age 5, children can begin to understand the concept of time and hours. It is common for children at this age to ask for a wristwatch because it is stimulating.

In Cokitos right now we have some games that can be used to teach time and hours (some are in spanish):

Digital and Analog Clock

The Time: hours and minutes

Telling the time

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