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Nature Elements Online Games: Appreciate the Environment!

The Earth is the home we live in. We share a home with humanity, animals and plants. It is everyone’s duty to know the environment, to appreciate the nature that surrounds us, and to take care of it as much as we can.

In children’s childhood it is important to teach them the value of nature and the importance of caring for the environment. To do this, we can use some of the games on our website Cokitos for educational purposes, as we always say, always as a complement to the strategy we use.

We find it interesting that the children understand the history of the earth, and what better way to do this with an archaeological excavation game:

To understand the mechanism of life, we also find very interesting the game of the genetics, so that we understand the role of genes, reproduction, generations of species and how they evolve, depending on what we are.

Afterwards we can go into the variety of animal species, evolution, and for this we have different animal games. Some examples:

At this point, we can see how animals and plants interact, let’s not forget that we too are animals, and we find the farming games interesting. A balance in nature that is produced in these places where animals are fed and cared for, and plants are sown for later collection.

Another game that we find interesting is the origin of products. A game that can help us realize the origin of everything we use every day, so that we consume in a more responsible and respectful of nature:

It is also interesting to know the forces of nature, geology, since it is an important science to better understand what happens with the ground we walk on, which directly affects nature. The game of the forces of nature may be of interest to you:

Finally, they are very useful to raise awareness of the importance of nature in water games. Water surrounds us and gives us life, gives life to plants and animals, helps us with hygiene, and is part of a delicate cycle that we are always looking for. Without water we could not live and everything we know about it is welcome. Some games to teach water values are:

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