7 Interactive 3 in a Row Games for Kids

7 Interactive 3 in a Row Games for Kids

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Three-in-a-row is a simple game, but it tests our logic and intelligence as well as that of the children we have in our school or at home.

The objective of the 3 in a row (or its variants) game is, by taking turns, to place the three objects in line before your opponent, regardless of whether the line is diagonal, horizontal or vertical. It moves in turns and one by one, so think about how you are going to move your counter taking into account the moves your opponent can make.

We can start teaching this game to children from about 6 years old, but it’s fun until adulthood, because the key is that both opponents have a similar level. That way, the game will be entertaining. Educators can also play with the children, adapting the level so that it resurfaces didactically for them. Three in a row is one of the best known board games, discover all our interactive board games here.

In Cokitos we have 7 games of three in a row that you can play. Some are more childish, for younger children, and others are playable by adults; they do not contain cartoon characters.

We hope you enjoy the games we have available for elementary school or for people of any age!

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