Games to celebrate Family Day on May 15

Games to celebrate Family Day on May 15

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Every 15th of May is World Family Day. We live in an era in which families are different than in the past, their composition has changed but the importance of this social structure has not diminished.

The aim of this day is to recognize families as the basic structure or unit of society. This day is used to raise awareness about the social, demographic and economic changes that affect families. Therefore, we encourage you to carry out activities in schools and at home with children to help them understand the significance of families.

From Cokitos we like to promote the values of children, and the family is one of the most important. In addition, we believe that it has many other values associated with it, because it is the transmitter of knowledge and other values.

Some games that may be interesting to work on on World Family Day are:

Some families known to the children are the Pig family, Caillou, The Simpsons, and some groups of friends who behave more like family, such as Winnie the Pooh, the Canine Patrol or Mickey and his friends.

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