Learn how to Type through Games and Online Activities

Learn how to Type through Games and Online Activities

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Learning to type with a keyboard today is super easy, because there are countless activities, for example in the form of games, that facilitate this learning. Operating a PC keyboard will be a requirement in most current and future jobs, so it is very positive for our training that we learn to type words and phrases as soon as possible on a computer.

What are the games that help us learn the keyboard?

The typical aim of online games that help us to learn the PC keyboard is to press the key that the game shows. In other words, a letter appears on the screen, and we must try to press it as quickly as possible.
There are also games that indicate the positions of the fingers on the keyboard, even give us an indication of the area where the letter is located, the place occupied by this particular key.

There are also games in which we have to rewrite a text, and if we fail to press any letter then it will mark an error and get a lower score.

The key to most games, as they try to motivate us, is how quickly you press the keys. The faster we are pressing the correct keys, the sooner the next ones will come out, but the more points we get.

At what age do children learn to type with the PC keyboard?

At the age of 8 and 9, children have acquired enough finger skills to learn how to type on the computer keyboard. The motor skills in the hands are perfect from 8 or 9 years old, so from that age we can start thinking about starting typing with our children and students.

What other games are related to keyboard games?

We can find other games in which, although not the main objective of the game is to learn the keyboard, we can practice with it indirectly. ABC games and language games, or word games, involve working with the keyboard obligatorily. Typing is unintentionally present in many computer games.
In Cokitos you can find the best keyboard learning games. Don’t forget that the games are free, any child or adult can play without registration. We hope web resources will be helpful.

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