Learn Playing at Christmas, and have fun!

Learn Playing at Christmas, and have fun!

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Our website Cokitos has the mission of serving as interactive resources to promote learning with fun. All games have an educational part, well used, can contribute in a positive way to the education of children, working with different values and skills, such as technology.

Now that Christmas is approaching, we would like to recommend a couple of games from our website that we find very interesting and especially didactic. It’s about the sums of Christmas and the Christmas couples game.

The Christmas addition game is about addition and subtraction, pure basic arithmetic, ideal for the first addition of children, with 4 or 5 years can be fine. The game is actually an adventure of a snowman, who picks up snowballs to keep from melting. Each time you pick up a ball, you must pass a test: you have to say the correct result of a sum.

The Christmas couples game is a memory game that contains Christmas motifs: a snowman, a gingerbread cookie or a drum, which you have to marry two by two to complete the screen full of equal cards. Flip the cards for Christmas couples.

In the purely fun games section, we can play Dora’s Santa Claus costume!

Dress up games awaken creativity, by being able to choose infinite combinations or solutions, all are fine and depend on the preferences of each child.

The Angry Birds could not miss the Christmas party, dressed in a Santa Claus hat, the place to throw themselves on the little green pigs, throw themselves on gift boxes, in a wonderful landscape of snowy Christmas, and with Christmas music.

Do you think it’s a good plan to spend some time this Christmas? Games to have fun, learn and have a good time on our website. We hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful Christmas.

Other Christmas games: http://www.cokitos.net/tag/christmas-games/

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