Online games for School Day of Non-violence and Peace

Online games for School Day of Non-violence and Peace

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January 30 is the school day of non-violence and peace. This day should promote peace among all the peoples of the world, as well as among the people who are part of them.

It is common for schools around the world to celebrate this day with special intensity, so that children understand the importance of values such as respect, tolerance, coexistence, equality, solidarity… all this together forms part of such a beautiful concept as peace. No matter the religion or race of the peoples and people who inhabit them, living in Peace is an objective that we must pursue to enjoy our freedom, to seek happiness.

In Cokitos we propose some of our interactive games, which we think can help educators and parents on this special day, the International Day of Peace in the world. And what better than interactive resources in the digital age, because facilitating access to these contents also means equality and rights, and we do our part to contribute to this.

Games to celebrate Non-violence and Peace Day.

PEACE Letter Soup in Spanish

It contains a superb list of beautiful words that speak of peace: tolerance, coexistence, freedom, cultures… words that we can work with children in school or at home, explaining their meaning, giving examples or in context. At the same time, they can search for these words in the interactive alphabet soup.

Create your own story. It seems to us like a game in which each person can learn to express their ideas, their freedom and creativity, promoting creation. In the comments section, people have been giving us something and we think this is great.

Colorize friendship scenes. Like Winnie the Pooh and his friends. Don’t you think Winnie the Pooh has a bunch of very diverse friends? In spite of their differences, size, characteristics, colors and abilities, they manage to live in peace and harmony. A great example of a diverse and friendly group.

More coloring Games. 

As we love the friends of Winnie the Pooh, we leave you this drawing to print and color:

In addition, we like some songs to work on this international day of peace with children in school. We leave you here one of our favorites:

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