World Food Day: Games for Kids (october 16th)

World Food Day: Games for Kids (october 16th)

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The UN, through the FAO, proclaimed World Food Day on 16 October in 1979. The aim of celebrating this day is to raise awareness of the imbalances of hunger in the world and the need for greater solidarity in this regard so that all the peoples of the world can meet their food needs without problems.

Within the Cokitos games, we believe that some sections are really interesting to work on World Food Day at school or at home with children. These games can provide us with the context and medium to teach you some values about this topic.

Food Pyramid game

One of the games that can be used to introduce World Food Day is the food pyramid game. Knowing the need for nutrition, and how different foods are needed for healthy human development, will be essential to begin to become aware of the importance of world food.

Food Pyramid Game

English Food Letter Soup

To work across the board with vocabulary in English, we can use this food set:

Food Letter Soup

Geography Games

In order to explain which countries in the world’s geography have the most difficulty in accessing sufficient and healthy food, we can use geography games: 


Fishing Games

To understand the importance of the primary sector (agriculture, livestock and fisheries) in world food production, what better way to support these farm-based games (livestock and agriculture, and the concept of food self-production or self-consumption) and also fishing games: 

Farm games

Cooking games

Finally, to add the fun time, we can provide children with access to these cooking games, to raise awareness of the importance of food, food preparation, healthy food and the cooking process in general:

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